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Real Fat Burning Truth!
Your Personal Fat Blasting Formula

Victoria, I am at a breaking point and I don’t know what to do. I have a special occasion I have been working towards being ready for and I am stuck. I have dieted, I have stopped eating sugar and I am so frustrated because I just can’t seem to lose any more fat. I am at the point where I don’t care what the scale says anymore. I just want this fat off my legs and waist. What do you think I should do? I refuse to go to another “diet in a box” program. I have seen your clients and I know that you will tell me something real and not just try to make me feel okay. I’m sorry, I’m rambling on, and I am just so frustrated! HELP!

Hi Zari, You came to the right place for real training answers and not just feel; good die early and accept your fat self acceptance speech. This is the Real Fat Burning Truth!

I know first hand how frustrating it is to want to present your best self at a social function, and it’s not just for others there either. It’s for your own soul. You want to look and show your best so that you can be emotionally present. You want to exude joy, confidence and strength, knowing that YOU are your very best. No one with integrity wants to just show up, you wan to show up and show out!

One of my model clients, I will call Mel, for the sake of my confidentiality contract, had the same problem you are having. She had the most incredibly proportioned figure but was carrying too much body fat. She had a deadline to meet for a swimsuit calendar and just could not get the soft layer of body fat off. Here’s what we did. You can do the same thing too Zari.

I tweaked her diet, made her rest more, and perfected her cardio and muscle training program.

She was eating foods with a highsodium content, which made her puffy and retain water.

NO snacking after 7:00 PM

Nine hours of sleep a night. Her body needed that much sleep to recover and repair from the training and stress of preparing for the shoot.

I Increase her bottled water intake to 6 quarts a day on high cardio days and 4 quarts on recovery day

No matter how good you think you are, many times there are hidden fats, sugar, sodium and your cardio workouts need to be intense and your recovery days need to be restful with quiet time to keep your stress level low.

Mondays Wednesdays Saturdays
Intense Fat Blasting Cardio (7580% max heart rate) 3045 minutes

High rep abdominal training. Six exercises that can work the entire Core region. 3 sets of 1525 reps per exercise of favorite exercises.

Working out between meals, before a meal or two –three hours after a meal so that your stomach is not full of food when you train.

TuesdaysThursdays – Fridays
Vertical Training Power Shaping Total Body Sculpting with lightweights to keep the muscles tight and the metabolic system stoked. Then finish\ with thorough stretching for elongating the muscles and enhancing the recovery process after training.

Intensity Is Important
You have to do a workout that burns hundreds of calories. It has to be hard enough to have an effect on your stored body fat. You cannot do this by walking your dog or sitting gently peddling your stationary bike.
This recommendation is only if you have been exercising and still can’t get stubborn fat off. This intense workout is NOT recommended for beginners or anyone with medical disorders or disease. If you are just beginning, start slowly and do what you can and go back and read a selection of newsletters so that you can be smart with your weight loss.

It’s A Numbers Game
The way to gauge your Personal REAL Fat Burning level of intensity is to monitor your heart rate. The basic standard has always been to subtract your age from 220 to find your maximum heart rate, and then multiply that number by percentages to find your target range.

Your Personal Fat Burning Number… For example, if you're 25 years old, here’s the math formula: 22025 = 195; 195 x 0.75 = 146.

This means at 146 heartbeats per minute (or 24 per 10 seconds) you have reached 75% of your maximum. (75% is an intense fat burning workout level) Beginners should stay toward the lower end of recommended workout intensities.

Almost all cardio equipment has monitor these days. You can check your heart rate throughout your workout and see where you are. If you ever get dizzy or light headed, stop immediately and get off the equipment and rest. Make sure you drink water during your workout to stay hydrated.

You can also wear a heartrate monitor. Many types of monitors can be programmed to signal your upper and lower heartrate limits.

Power Of Perceiving
The rating of perceived exertion (RPE) is another method used to judge how rigorous your workout is. This system is based on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being easiest and 10 hardest. The advantage of this system is that you don't have to rely on any equipment or math; you simply assess how you feel. After all, you know better than anyone else what your limits are.

The truth is that you need to keep track of how hard you're working in relation to your own fitness level. Don't fall for the commercial lies any more. It may make you FEEL good but in the long run, it will kill you.

I use perceived exertion in my class workouts and in my workout DVD’S.

Sweet Sweat
Mel was true to the program I designed and higher intensity cardio training. She said that she sweat a ton and could feel the cleansing effect of the diet corrections and workout with increased energy.

Her skin was beautiful and supple from the training and water consumption. She lost the fat faster than she imagined and she was totally HOT for the swimsuit calendar.

The amazing thing is that she keeps the weight off by training at the higher intensity level, but she doesn’t have to train as often. You see, once you get the fat off, you don’t have to train as hard or as much, you just have to be very careful about your diet and consistency of training.

So you see, Zari, you have to be more scientific with your training and nutrition program. Go and check out my Quick Start Energy Program and get some motivation to train harder and eat smarter. You can read some of the amazing testimonials and get some free advice as well.

The formula above can help you look and feel fantastic for your special occasion. I hope you have the time of your life.

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