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5 Fat Burning Mistakes
Women Always Make!

I am looking for your insider secrets that can help me lose ten pounds of fat. I am a mother of two and my life is filled with activity that leaves me with very little time to workout. I really need to lose more than ten, but if I could lose ten, it would motivate me and make me feel better about my body and I will have more energy to enjoy my family.

I am a professional marketing director on leave to raise my children, I am a smart woman and I am good with deadlines. Could you give me some suggestions to help me do the absolute most efficient process available to lose these ten stubborn pounds? I am good with a plan and I will commit to follow your suggestions. I just don’t want to make any mistakes that could sabotage my goal.

Elana, you are a very smart woman to seek the advice of a professional who understands a woman’s body and who personally walks the walk of a lean, fit lifestyle. That's why I put together these 5 Fat Burning Mistakes that Women Always Make!

It’s wonderful that you have reached your threshold of being unfit and unhealthy. To me, fitness, health and abundant living are a lifestyle. I do not prescribe spending your entire life taking care of everyone else just to get to a certain place in life and you hate your body and you feel uninspired to do anything about it. It’s also a waste of energy to spend your time training your body and not living the best life possible and totally enjoy the process. You have to have fun and make your journey interesting. You need to be excited and enthusiastic about your workouts and new body transforming nutrition plan,
Otherwise you end up exhausted and fatigued. Positive Energy breeds more energy!

I was preparing for a bodybuilding competition and I was working out diligently and I needed to cut more body fat off my legs. I was following my lowglycemic diet, doing cardio and muscle training routines I designed.

It was pretty incredible to watch the fat begin to melt off my body. Two weeks before the show, my appetite shifted and I started to crave sugar and the awesome fat burning I had been experiencing stopped dead in it’s tracks! Boy, was I frustrated.

I freaked out and began a highly scrutinized computer analysis of my food and training journal. I kept track of everything I ate. Every exercise I had done. I tracked my morning heart rate, my training heart rate and my resting heart rate throughout the day.
Our bodies respond to training stimulus as well as nutrition stimulus. Monitoring stats can tell you a lot about your program, your habits which create the end results.

I know there are people who like to write about how you can just eat whatever you want, play around on a ball in the gym, run through the flowers and drop massive weight. When you do this you end up taking some meds once your system is all screwed up. You are supposed to be happy because you have a small copay your doctors office where they monitor all your stats, to get it all fixed. AAAAHHHH!! How about YOU monitor YOURSELF now, prevent most disorders, save your money and your relationships and your life! Whew… I had to get that off my chest.

After I had analyzed my information I found that I was making some mistakes that shut down my fat burning, thus sabotaging my fat loss efforts. Once I corrected them, my body responded almost immediately and I went on to win my weight class in the show. I don’t want you to go through what I did. You can do it right and get right to fat burning.

Elana, here are the five most common mistakes many of us have made that sabotages our fat burning efforts. As you develop your total plan, keep these suggestions in mind.

They may seem simple, but believe me, they can slip up on you especially when you are busy, stressed and have two adorable time consuming little angels you have to chase around and taxi to classes and appointments.

Mistake 1 Skipping Breakfast and Not Eating Protein in the Morning
Do not skip breakfast thinking you'll save calories or you are too busy. The worst reason for skipping breakfast is that you are not hungry. You are looking at maximum fat loss, improving your energy, health and quality of life here. You have to eat food to stimulate your metabolic rate. Plus, protein is necessary for hormonal balance and maintaining balanced blood chemistry. Protein will keep your muscles full and tight, instead of stringy and saggy.

You need a paradigm shift. You need to put your physical body first. Skipping breakfast triggers ravenous hunger later in the day and slows down your metabolism. A study in the Journal of Obesity Research shows that eating breakfast, which contains equal protein to lowglycemic wholegrain carbohydrate ratios every single day is a key strategy among people who average a 60pound weight loss and have kept it off for six years. That is a fantastic study because I am a living breathing testimony of that. When I am not fat blasting for a photo shoot or a TV appearance, I follow that strategy which is exactly what my Quick Start Energy Program is based on.

Mistake 2 Skipping Workouts
For maximum fat loss, think of this phrase: You have to Move It to Lose It! You have to train five days a week. I prefer six, but I am being nice today, letting you off with five. It takes 48 hours for the effects of your workout to begin to reverse.

You train on Monday and your body jumps into a fat burning mode and it begins to burn fat and then you get busy and don’t get back to working out for two days and you start all over again. If you would work out on Tuesday, you will rev up your metabolism again and your body really begins to attack the STORED body fat without replacing it.

You want do some form of training daily to stimulate your metabolic rate and increase your fat burning potential until you reach your goal. You are worth it and you deserve to train and heal your body every day. It’s the only one you have. Honor it, revere it and give it the best care possible. Once you reach your goal you can then scale down to a maintenance program.

Mistake 3 Starving Yourself
Slashing too many calories too fast hoping to lose more fat is a total mistake unless you are eating 6,000 calories like the Sumo wrestlers eat to grow. (I wish). Cutting your calories down to a starving rate; under 1,000, unless you are on a medically supervised fast, pushes the body to conserve fat rather than burn it.

It literally shuts down your metabolism, which is your body's natural primary calorie and fatburning system. In many cases it forces your body to use healthy muscle tissue for survival fuel.

Work on eating four mini balanced meals a day to keep your metabolism fired up and your energy constant. You will see greater results faster this way, plus you will have healthier digestion that is crucial for fat loss. Get that food in and keep it moving out! Don’t let it settle in your colon creating bloating, parasites and poor weight loss results.

Mistake 4 Not Sleeping Enough
Rest and recovery is vital to fat loss and cell regeneration. Your body restores itself as you sleep. If you do not sleep at least seven hours a night, you will be sluggish, fatigued and you will begin to prematurely age and your body and joints will begin to break down. Establishing a regular bedtime and waking hour that allows for you that perfect seven to eight hours and then sleep in and catch up on as much sleep as you can on the weekends.

You don’t want to be a grouchy old saggy thin person do you? I thought not. You want to get your “beauty” sleep so that you can have boundless energy and look awesome in your favorite tight jeans with glowing skin.

Mistake 5 Not Drinking Enough Fluids Every Day
I know, I say this every week, but inevitably, I even have a tendency to do good for three days or so and then I start slacking on my fluid intake.

You have to have your fluids. Four quarts a day, every day, seven days a week is the perfect plan for hydration that escalates fat loss. That is the most difficult for me. I do great when I am training hard and have a thirst for fluids, but not as good when I am not in the gym, in a class or running errands. Although, I do have my potty break places all scoped out when I am being faithful to my fluid intake.

I know that it is not the most convenient way to live, but it is worth it when you are running around the beach or by the pool feeling good about yourself and being a great role model to your children. You have to model healthy behaviors to your kids. There is nothing more frustrating to me than watching overweight exhausted mom dropping off their little princess to a ballet class when they won’t even take time for themselves to go to a dance class and have fun and get in shape. Moms are special too and need to dress like a princess and put on pretty outfits and dance and twirl too!

Fluids can be in the form of water, herbal teas and nonsugary, noncarbonated drinks. Muscles are 70% water. Water transport nutrients to your muscles and keep your metabolism at a higher rate.

Water not only hydrates your cells, it detoxes your body and enhances digestion. Its benefits are endless and your fat loss will increase markedly if you are loyal to drink up daily.

Elana, as you write out your plan, please include every element I listed above and you will see fantastic results. You can lose fat, shape up and feel amazing as long as you stay dedicated to your plan. You want to do everything you can to live in such a way that you can’t help but get fit, lean and sexy! It’s all about your attitude. Love your life, work your plan and live with energy and gratitude. When you have a positive attitude you will surely live a life of adventure and abundance. Make your fat loss goal a journey of learning, improving and empowering yourself.

You can do it!

Your Celebrity Trainer


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