Excess Estrogen Can Increase
Stubborn Belly Fat!

Victoria my problem is that I have put on more fat on my upper body than anywhere else. All that fat curled up on my back, arms, side and belly. What can I do to get rid of it? I feel real terrible and uncomfortable with myself.
- Tamara

Tamara, First of all I thank you for your honesty. So few people are truthful with themselves and others that they never HEAR the real truth that will set them free. Your truth is setting you on a path that you will be able to achieve freedom from fat and low self appreciation.

I am so sorry that you are experiencing terrible feelings about your body. I understand the pain of not being comfortable in your own skin. When I was obese, I wore baggy clothes because I could not even stand the sensation of the fabric against my skin. I refused to look in the mirror because all I could think was how disgusted I was with myself.

And then the cycle would begin. The worse I would feel, the more I would eat in a quest to sedate myself with comfort foods. I felt desperate for a momentary reprieve from the emotional pain of self-rejection and failure. I just wanted to feel good, even if it was only for a moment &.bite by bite.

I remember one day I went to my favorite drive through burger place and ordered the largest meal on the board. I went to a local park and sat in my car alone and as tears of pain rolled down my cheeks, I inhaled the meal like a rabid dog. With each bite I tasted the salty tears of guilt, shame and sorrow.

Without conscious thought, I started my car and sped off. As I was eating the last french fry I was almost to my next favorite burger place for meal number two. I got my meal and went to a different park just in case someone had been watching me devour the first meal. I did not want them to see me again. More shame? Yes, more shame!

That's why I went to a different restaurant, I didn't want the drive through person see me repeat my poisonous and destructive behavior. Not only was I engaged in unhealthy actions, I was eating foods that were making my body become a fat building machine. It's not just the fat that was killing me, it was the hidden chemicals that were turning me into a big round butterball.

That's right Tamara, did you know that there are chemicals in food that can be contributing to the excess fat on your upper body. You immediately want to get on a Low-Carb, Low Glycemic Fat Burning and Energy Producing Nutrition Program like I did to lose over sixty pounds of life robbing fat. (see my Quick Start Energy Program) You have to start giving your body the proper foods to heal your cells and release the fat that can take your life in an instant.

You cannot wait another second to get started. Stop the shame and regret and take some positive action that will change your life starting today, right now, this moment. Tamara, don't wait, there is no better time, day or occasion to make a permanent change than right now.

I don't want to receive a dreadful email from you later on because you procrastinated taking care of yourself and not putting your body and your future first, asking what to do after you had a stroke, heart attack or developed debilitating diabetes. You cared enough to put your shame and discomfort aside to reach out. I applaud you for that.

Now take positive action. That is the sure fire way to seal your next step to healing. Get a Quick Start to living the life you have always dreamed of. You can do it. You deserve to be free and you deserve to be all that God has birthed you to be. Beauty and abundance is your birthright, reclaim it starting today.

It's pretty crazy to think that not only are the poor food choices you have made contributing to the excess fat on your body, but also hidden chemicals in the food are the culprits. Check this out.

Estrogenic Chemicals - The Hidden Cause of Excess Belly Fat and Rapid Weight Gain

Women and men alike are exposed to estrogenic fat building chemicals every day known as xenoestrogens. They are capable of mimicking estrogen activity in the body. These chemicals affect the body like excess estrogens, with overwhelming and sometimes devastating consequences.

You could suffer from some of the following symptoms: weight gain in your upper body, especially the waist (belly fat). You will know because it feels like you virtually resist fat burning. You may also have allergies, recurring sinus infections, water retention, fatigue and mood swings, all of which may be symptoms of excess estrogen due to estrogenic chemicals.

Xenoestrogens are not the only reason for excess estrogen. Obesity, aging, birth control pills, estrogen replacement drugs (HRT), anabolic steroids, hormones in meat and dairy, and a poor high sugar carbohydrate diet are also major contributors to excess estrogen and its related disorders in your body

Normally, estrogen is balanced with other hormones in the body such as progesterone in women and testosterone in men. A certain hormonal balance must be maintained for proper metabolic functions. When that hormonal balance is interrupted, disorders and diseases occur.

A most notable sign of aging is the loss of hormones that balance estrogen. With age, there is also an increased conversion of androgens to estrogen in both sexes, all of which leaves the body with an excess of renegade excess estrogen. This makes the estrogenic chemicals cause a "spill over" effect in the form of excess estrogen and its related disorders.

Excess Weight Gain

The excess fattening of women's bodies and the softening of men's bodies are many times related to excess estrogen along with a poor diet and lack of the correct exercise.

When in excess, estrogen promotes the growth of estrogen sensitive tissues, leading to an increased size of adipose (fat) tissues in the waist, belly and other estrogen sensitive fat tissues: For men, typically in the belly and chest; for women, in the upper body and belly.

Excess estrogen works in a vicious cycle. Estrogen promotes fat gain, and the enlarged fat tissue produces more estrogen within its cells, which then promotes more fat gain, and so on. The only solution is to attack the core of the problem, which is excess estrogen.

The question is what can be done to lower this risk? How can we defend our lives against excess estrogen?

Your Defense Against Excess Estrogen

The key to defend the body against excess estrogen is by countering its excess and by shifting its metabolism into producing beneficial antioxidant, anti-cancerous metabolites, instead of toxic cancer promoting metabolites.

It is now known that certain compounds in plants can help counter estrogen actions, and defend the body against its excess. The human body has been primarily pre-programmed to be nourished and protected by phytonutrients. Unfortunately, due to industrial harvesting and processing methods, food today is often deficient in most beneficial phytonutrients, leaving people with inadequate nutritional defenses.

Estrogen inhibiting phytonutrients are a major missing link in the diet. It is important that you take a daily dose of a complete vitamin and mineral compound or liquid daily. Take two times per day for the best effect.

To effectively support a healthy hormonal system, it is also critically important to provide the body with sufficient amounts of estrogen inhibiting phytonutrients to balance against the overwhelming surplus of estrogenic food substances and chemicals in the diet.

Certain compounds in plants, called flavonoids and indoles, are known to possess antioxidant and anti-cancerous properties. Recent studies reveal that some of these compounds have the capacity to affect estrogen metabolism, some work as estrogen inhibitors whereas others work as estrogen promoters.

Along with your daily supplemental phytonutrients are estrogen inhibiting compounds in plants, chamomile, bee products, citrus fruits, onion, garlic, and cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts and cabbage. Other beneficial estrogen modulators are omega 3 fatty acids, derived from flaxseeds, hempseeds and fatty fish.

It's important to be proactive and make the right choices of food that are on the Acceptable Food Lists in the Quick Start Energy Program. All essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants must be provided to support the body's metabolism. Together with estrogen inhibitors, such nourishment can help enhance the liver's capacity to detoxify and neutralize excess estrogen, finally creating the right metabolic environment within the body to get leaner and healthier.

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit -"
- Aristotle -

Tamara, there you have it. Do it today. One of my favorite quotes is from Emerson, he said, "Do the thing and you will have the energy to do the thing". Get started today and ignite your energy and build a leaner and stronger body. Look the way you have always wanted look and live the best life possible.


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